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It means that, more than ever, people are becoming open to non-monogamous relationships. Cracked wanted to know the facts behind that sort of setup, since we have more than enough trouble convincing one person to sleep with us. So we bought a van with a waterbed, and sat down with a swinger named Tom. Here's what he told us First off: Our sex van, Van Wilder, turned out to be inappropriate. We were weaned on pop culture, in which "swinging" is a relic of the '70s, indelibly associated with chest-haired misogynists and shag carpeting. But Tom got into swinging at his wife's request: "My wife is bisexual, and a few years ago she decided that she wanted to explore that side of her sexuality.

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The couple went in search of a single bisexual woman down for having threesomes. When such a woman, whom Tom described as a "unicorn," didn't pop into existence, they broadened their horizons: "My wife brought up the idea of finding another couple who was interested in the same thing. One thing led to another, we soon found ourselves in bed with two other people, and that's when we realized that we were open to a lot more than we originally thought. Tom was emphatic that his wife was the one responsible for kick-starting their exploration of swinging: "My wife calls it 'driving the bus.

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In fact, even the key party and waterbed stereotypes we hold turned out to be untrue. According to some research, modern "swinging" wasn't a product of the disco age. In fact, it got its start in the coolest way possible: as part of a death pact among fighter pilots. The theory goes that back in World War II, fighter pilots had roughly the same life expectancy as a dog in a chocolate factory. Swapping partners was a way to form bonds between their families , ensuring that the other guys would take care of one's wife and kids if some Kraut flak gun took him down.

How to Hook Up with Swingers

It's a wonder we called it something as innocuous as "swinging" and not the far more appropriate "death-humping. All swingers have different limitations. Some even prefer monogamous relationships, but with way more people than usual: "We met a couple and started to get along very well with them.

The attraction and chemistry was all there, and the sex was everything we hoped it would be. We had been together several times and it all seemed good. But when we mentioned in passing that we were making plans to go on a date with another couple, they got Cold shoulder, cancelling plans, all that. Finally they made it clear that they weren't happy that we were seeing other people, and they didn't want to hear anything about it.


As you might've guessed by now, dating as part of a couple means worrying for four. Exponentially more people are at risk if an STI starts spreading. And one person's drama can quickly become a small crowd's drama. Different couples take different steps to protect themselves: "Not everyone in the lifestyle is into full-on sexual intercourse with other couples -- aka 'full swap. Some just want to watch others, some just want to be watched. Being open to more possibilities with your relationship is a double-sided dildo. It can lead to unexpected bliss, and some deeply uncomfortable situations: "We have heard shocking stories from friends who had been playing with a guy who decided he would try to sneak the condom off.

We've heard rumors about men or couples at lifestyle events taking advantage of drunk women or couples, and coercing them into situations they normally wouldn't say yes to. Obviously, creeps like that exist in all walks of life, but pop culture tells us they're way more prevalent with swingers. Probably because pop culture is jealous of all the sex they're having while it spends every Friday night rebooting comic book movies. They still maintained eye contact when Steve finally returned to caress her clitoris.

He smiled inwardly as Lucy's body lurched at his touch and the look of total surprise spread across her face. Having a man do these things to her was shocking to Lucy in itself but to lewdly by her standards actually watch and to share the intimate moment with him by eye contact, was unthinkable. It was this mental idea of what she was doing that her pussy reacted to, as much as the physical sensations that her lover was providing.

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After a period of time kissing, sucking, licking and caressing Lucy's youthful inexperienced pussy, Steve pushed her over the edge into another world. Covering her clitoris with his mouth he sucked on her hard bud like a tiny cock, as he drew her pleasure centre away from her body and into his lips, he fluttered his tongue directly over the intensely sensitive fleshy button. Due to her physical abnormality, Lucy had never had an orgasm before.

When the stirrings began and started to build within her vagina, her clitoris and surrounding lips, she was suddenly a little concerned. Even in her drug induced stupor, Lucy knew something was building. The unbelievable pleasure that Lucy was experiencing was intensifying and her muddled brain had no idea how it would end. Lucy was worried that it simply couldn't stop building like this without coming to some kind of critical point, the ignorance of such scaring her. Will it damage me in some way? Lucy found out. As the pleasure reached an incredible crescendo Lucy came for the first time.

Her body fell back onto the mattress with her head thrown back as the final rush of orgasmic relief exploded between her legs. Unknown to her, she was pushing her hips up from the cushions to force her sodden pulsating pussy up onto Steve's mouth, whilst not realising the insane screaming that she could hear in the distance, was in fact coming from her own mouth, as the life changing first climax ripped through her.

As Lucy lay recovering her breathing, her composure and her senses, she felt her lover move between her legs. Looking up at the man who had given her pleasure she saw his cock. He was huge. Steve simply had a well endowed cock which they all had, however to Lucy, with only Jimmy as a guide, he looked enormous.

Lucy knew through her foggy brain and her dream-like state that this man was going to take her. What she didn't notice, was the fact that she opened her legs herself, without any prompting from Steve. She lay back and dreamily let her legs fall open, revealing her sodden post-orgasmic pussy, the gesture a wordless acceptance as old as time itself.

Steve rubbed the blood engorged head of his cock up and down her tight folds, wetting his erection for the invasion to come. As he inched his big eager meat between her tiny pink lips Lucy felt herself stretch. The relaxed and compliant girl unable to respond, was helpless. She thought that she wanted to stop him from taking her or did she?

The party is by invitation only – uglies need not apply.

Had she been more lucid, then Lucy would have been shocked at the real motive for her action. The movement that she made was a subconscious one, which allowed her to settle herself more comfortably and to position herself to enable Steve to penetrate her more easily. Natural instinct had led Lucy to position herself to accept him, without being aware of what she was doing. Steve took all the time he needed. Lucy was treated with gentleness and consideration.

He slowly pushed further and further into Lucy, whose tiny vagina much to her surprise and pleasure slowly relaxed itself and became accustomed to his size.

Jon Favreau's "Swingers"

In another room Jimmy lay in the arms of another woman, totally unaware that the first man other than himself, had just slid his cock into his darling wife's pussy. Steve pushed into her and finally stopped, his cock fully embedded inside Lucy. Through the haze of her thoughts Lucy suddenly realised that she had taken Steve's entire length inside her. She could feel her tight entrance and her sensitive soft labia stretched around his shaft and she could feel every millimetre of his rod, as the walls of her vagina gripped him.

Along the entire length of her vagina she could feel his cock, all the way up to her cervix. Steve knew this was not going to be a long fuck. His cock was being milked by the tightest pussy he had ever experienced, yet he was desperate to prolong the wonderful sensations that her hot, wet and tight little glove was giving him. Luckily for Lucy, Steve lasted long enough.

Lucy felt the hard cock repeatedly violating and invading her intimate depths, her newly found clitoris and small labia being almost pushed inside her with every thrust, only to be dragged out along his length as he withdrew. After several intensely satisfying minutes of this beautiful sensation, Lucy felt, for the second time in her life, the sudden surge and electric shock deep inside her. This signalled another imminent orgasm. This time, as Steve's cock drove her deliriously onwards, Lucy knew what was coming and embraced it's approach completely.

Realising that she desperately wanted to experience another mind blowing climax as before, she immersed herself in what was happening to her and the pre-climax anticipation of the insanely thrilling explosion to come. With immaculate timing borne of experience, Steve waited for Lucy to begin to cum, before allowing his own orgasm to happen. Lucy writhed underneath him, her vagina throbbing, pulsating and contracting around him. She screamed unashamedly and uncontrollably as the firework display went off inside her, her vaginal walls gripped, squeezed and contracted around the cock that was already tight within her.

Unconsciously Lucy flexed her vaginal muscles around his cock to illicit as much pleasure from the moment as she could and create as much contact between her walls and the invading cock as possible. Steve let the floodgates open. Steve pulled from Lucy and the gathered crowd had the pleasure of seeing her violated tiny pussy giving up the potent load that had filled her.

Men with bulging erections looked down upon the drugged girl, watching her small hard breasts heave with her breathing, her flat stomach and her gaping cunt, spewing forth the cocktail of her juices and the cum that had been shot deep inside her. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.