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    Wyche, S. Armfield, G. Richardson, J. Bruni, F. Charny, B. Catholic Tele. Leland, J. The dichotomy of this tool is equal to the dichotomy of the humans who use it. Some days it's put to higher purpose, other days not so much. It has infiltrated the ether from all points north, south, east and west, filling what the great Jesuit visionary Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the "noosphere" the membrane of thought that wraps around the earth with prayer and curse and every manner of thought, intention, and impulse that lies between.

    We know the evil it can do -- pornography, theft, infidelity, seduction and recruitment into the descent of our weaker nature. But what about the good? How can these agents of transformation actually transform us, and in the spiritual sense, enable and empower us toward our manifest destiny? Like the programs that have allowed us to digitize our lives -- it's all about the code. Pass codes, that is.

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    The other day, in an effort to get organized, I typed all my accounts and numbers on a sheet of paper beside their pass codes -- banks and financial institutions; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest; insurance and medical; etc. It was all there, clearly displayed in all its unbearable utilitarian plainness. In most cases the pass codes were predictably similar to each other, if not the same. The experts have warned against this time and again, but still.

    I'm lazy that way. I don't enjoy taxing my memory for uninspired reasons. It's a crayon thing. But if our codes unlock the portal to our identities, I thought, then maybe there's a way to combine those identities with our goals and intentions in one easy to remember, easy to execute method -- making our computers as transformative as our minds and spirits. In other words, combining purpose. I crossed out the alpha-numerical passwords and instead wrote the associated goal or intention for each account, such as, Wealth, Friendship, or Compassion. I made the codes not only easy to remember, but easy to change should my goals advance, becoming ever more lofty or optimistic.

    Next to your IRA account, for example, write your retirement goal: "Key West beachfront" or whatever you imagine yourself doing. This is your new passcode with or without spaces. Every time you access that account, you'll reinforce the specific reason you contribute to it. By clarifying the goal, you will also clarify your motivation to save. If intention is the foundation of manifestation it is then you advance your cause every time you type your password. You get the picture.